Find your winning edge with UHM.

United Hospitality Management (UHM) is a leader in hospitality asset development, operationalisation, and management. Backed by a multidisciplinary team with a track record of developing winning hospitality concepts across the world, UHM has emerged as a partner of choice for owners, developers, investors, and operators ready to achieve their hospitality investment goals.


Our operational services are designed to optimise every aspect of your hospitality venture, ensuring excellence at every touchpoint. With a focus on strategic planning, comprehensive team development, and seamless guest experiences, UHM is your ally for operational success.

  • Proven expertise in diverse hospitality segments, especially upscale luxury
  • Strategic planning and execution
  • Seamless guest experience management
  • Comprehensive team development
  • Cutting-edge reporting tools for data-driven decisions
  • End-to-end operational solutions
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    Asset Management

    Our comprehensive Asset Management services encompass a broad spectrum of strategic initiatives, ranging from operational and management reviews to investment recommendations and strengthening partnership relations. In addition to supervising operators and Hotel Management Agreements, we represent the owner and add value by aligning both owner and operator interests in order to achieve long-term sustainable profitability. With our proven expertise and financial acumen, UHM helps unlock the full value of your assets and propels your hospitality endeavours towards new horizons of success.

    • Operational and management review
    • Investment recommendations
    • Partnership relations enhancement
    • Budget and capex review
    • Award-winning F&B & spa concepts
    • Brand selection, negotiation, and conversion
    • Legal support and IT integration
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      Hotel Development

      United Hospitality Management offers strategic development insights tailored to project owners and developers. Our recommendations encompass an array of essential factors, including component mix, market positioning, and ancillary revenue sources, all meticulously aligned in an encompassing area programme. Rooted in sound business rationale, our counsel ensures the proposed concept harmonises with future market dynamics.

      • Master plan consulting
      • Property development, design, and construction
      • CSR Independent expertise/ assessment
      • Feasibility & financials
      • Defining concept and best use
      • 5 year plan creation
      • Selection of brands and negotiation of management agreements
      • Pre-opening & OSE budgets
      • Strategic marketing and commercial plans for new hotels
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        Investment Model/ Business Plan

        A successful hospitality venture hinges on a well-constructed investment model and a meticulously devised business plan. United Hospitality Management (UHM) excels at shaping these critical foundations, propelling businesses toward long-term value and optimal returns.

        We navigate diverse investment avenues, including fragmented ownership to encompass innovative strategies such as room sales, timeshares, mixed-use, and mixed-brand concepts. We sculpt the ideal investment framework to chart our clients’ success.

        With over 30 years of experience in multifaceted investment and finance models, we can offer a unique vantage point that enables us to harness opportunities and devise the right investment models that pave the way for unparalleled investor returns. At UHM, we redefine success by strategically shaping your business for maximum profitability.

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          Project Management

          At United Hospitality Management, we extend a guiding hand across every facet of your hotel-related projects. Be it renovations, acquisitions, or ground-up construction, we offer an end-to-end suite of services, ensuring a seamless journey from inception to fruition. Our commitment to excellence is exemplified by our holistic approach. Whether you’re breathing new life into existing spaces or developing from the ground up, UHM’s seasoned project management team is equipped to render full support.

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            United Hospitality Management simplifies the complexity of hotel pre-openings. Whether large or small, opening a hotel demands adherence to defined phases and procedures. With careful planning, we ensure optimal scores at every step, meeting stakeholders’ demands while mitigating risks. With over three decades of operational excellence, our expert teams seamlessly lead stakeholders through the pre-opening stages, from construction to handover. UHM’s strategic approach sets the stage for a productive hotel operation, aligned with your financial objectives and return on investment.

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