The Drive of a Startup,
The Expertise of an Institution.

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Guided by years of global operations, United Hospitality Management leverages its extensive expertise to elevate new and established brands. Our proficient operations and asset management teams amplify profitability, manage change, and foster industry-wide connections, ensuring your capital undertakings yield exceptional returns.


We excel in operational excellence. Our hands-on, owner-centric approach ensures smooth day-to-day property management. With a track record of solid RevPar performance, we consistently outperform our peers, year after year.

Leveraging business intelligence software, we provide centralised reporting for insights. Our specialised analytics team supports property operations, and our exclusive owners reporting portal enhances transparency. With revenue management expertise, we optimise value and market share. Thanks to our extensive scale, we offer procurement cost savings directly to owners.

Sales and marketing

Sales and marketing are at the core of United Hospitality Management (UHM). Our seasoned team of professionals sets us apart by infusing their expertise into every facet of our operations. We value innovation, consistently seeking fresh approaches and ideas to remain agile and engaged.

With direct sales as a cornerstone, we excel in revenue distribution and management. Our prowess extends to direct marketing, digital marketing, and public relations. At UHM, we don’t just follow trends; we shape them, driving success by continuously adapting and delivering results that stand out in the competitive landscape.


In today’s dynamic hospitality landscape, revenue management extends beyond the traditional. Alongside room yield, the evolving guest expectations for personalised experiences and enhanced services present substantial revenue growth opportunities. This requires a more holistic approach to optimise yield from various sources throughout their stays.

We diligently track revenue across every aspect, using comprehensive cost modelling in each segment. Our commitment to boosting yield encompasses all revenue sources, showcasing our dedication to unlocking the complete revenue potential for our partners.

Technical and Engineering Services

At United Hospitality Management, technical and engineering services are foundational. Prioritising preventive maintenance, we ensure optimal system performance. Our Innovation Teams adeptly manage end-to-end aspects – network design, system definition, vendor coordination, training, and ongoing maintenance. Quality, efficiency, and guest satisfaction remain our driving forces. This dedication also leads to long-term cost reduction.


Our financial prowess goes beyond conventional measures. With a cutting-edge reporting platform, we benchmark historical performance against industry peers, fostering informed decision-making. Our robust forecasting and reporting systems provide comprehensive insights.

We believe that understanding the underlying drivers behind KPI performance is as crucial as the indicators themselves. Our treasury teams excel in constructing efficient cash management models, ensuring optimal financial utilisation. Leveraging strong relationships with financial institutions, we navigate the financial landscape strategically, contributing to the overall success of our partners.

Health & Wellness

Health and wellness enhance experiential travel, offering a new dimension of rejuvenation to today’s traveller. From intimate boutique spas to comprehensive fitness and wellness centres, our portfolio encompasses a spectrum of offerings.

We prioritise health and wellness services that seamlessly align with the essence of each property. By curating experiences that cater to diverse preferences, we ensure that our partners’ properties always offer more than what’s expected.


Leveraging our scale and industry reputation, we attract and retain top-tier talent, ensuring a workforce that’s primed for excellence. Our teams are the core assets driving our strategic objectives. Each team is meticulously selected, guided, and duly rewarded for their contributions. We recognise that our success is intrinsically linked to the dedication and expertise of our personnel, positioning us to excel in every endeavour.


The Food and Beverage segment designs exceptional guest experiences and serves as a vibrant social hub for both guests and the local community. Transforming hotels into experiential spaces, our F&B expertise drives profitability and underlines our commitment to excellence.

From upscale restaurants to cosy dining spaces, our support spans the entire lifecycle of F&B projects. We engage from pre-opening strategies to ongoing management and marketing and understand what it takes to create remarkable dining experiences.